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le premier

Montlhéry 2003

As on the other years, there was a lot of nice Nortons (and not only) on the track and beside.
As on the other years, we had much fun, good wine, chatted a lot with friends from everywhere.
But on this particular 2003 year, it was also...

Vince caché par un beau pull Or rather to one of the most prestigious track in the world, one of the last to have kept its banking, a truly amazing architecture, a story full of glorious events and few are the makes that never raced on it.
One could dream of it becoming the french heritage center, though it belongs also to the many Englishmen, Italians, Germans and else that came here to fight against speed - on 2 , 3 or 4 wheels - and who sometimes met their death.
Next year it will be at Dijon. But I won't go.

affiche Silver Fish 1 Silver Fish 1 On the official poster, clearly a Norton, and one could have thought of a special treatment to the Norton owners, but business is business and to put your wheels on the track you needed a german bike. Nevertheless, Sammy Miller let us appreciate the Silver Fish, for the fiftieth anniversary of its achievments on this track. (Ray Amm, november 1953, 133,71 mph - 215,14 km/h-).
Thank you Sammy! (again)

vintage vintageInternational 1 Triumph M. Hemmings dans le paddock BSA Gold Star trio Inter-2 Cougar basset basset gros plan moteur Velocette Venom Clubman Veeline Gilera AJS vintage Mick passe à la télé dans le paddock JL, Pascal et le basset
As told elsewhere, we were not at the same place as the other years, near the track, (thanks again, kouzin Jerry), but in a weird place, on the edge of the helicopter tarmac. Many could not find the club's stand and we were glad to have such a British attendance as their bikes were quite the only Nortons on display there!!
stand Mick Hemmings J G Patrick Milou hybride duo british des 88 Gromono Chris & Jem Lulu jovial Jean Luc moto atomique M18 1933 (3) Jubilé Model 18 1933  (2) Dédé Model 18 1933 (1) Inter (1) Inter (2) Denis Brough Superior Tomkin (2) Tomkin Typhoon (1) Luc et  Madamelettrage Brough AJS twin Commando modifiée
images © M. Mielle / A. K.Aermacchi

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