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The club meets twice at Montlhéry, once for the Moto Legende cups in june and for the Gérard Jumeaux trophies (more race orientated) later in october.
The track is about 30 km south of Paris.
Both meetings provide an excellent opportunity to get the thrills of running on a mythical track and members come and gather from all over the country.

Gus Kuhn JLB PR Mercury ne fonctionne pas avec Opera Lulu 99 99 Interstate 850 ES2 /1 ES2 /2 Roadster 750 roadster 750 /2 rangée roadster 850 roadster 850 /2
images © M. Mielle / A. K.


avion Mick Hemmings ex-drapeauGuest stars on our stand, Mick Hemmings and his amazing (flying) bike.
images © M. Mielle / A. K.

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The Norton Owners Club french branch is one of the largest branch of the NOC, founded in 1959.

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